Democratic Socialists of America: The Strategic Challenges Facing the Left After the National Convention, August 24, 2021

Following a successful national convention (August 2021), Democratic Socialists of America faces a still pandemic-ridden nation, beset with extractive inequalities, political dysfunction, and the rapid onset of catastrophic climate change. As the largest organized, left-wing formation, the moment poses special strategic and organizational challenges, ones surfaced in Bill Fletcher, Jr.’s “The Modern Tecumseh” essay. In this post-convention conversation, we talk with David Duhalde (DSA Fund), Kristian Hernandez (DSA), Matt Nelson (, and Bill Fletcher, Jr. Meleiza Figueroa (Campus Antifascist Network) and David Cobb (Cooperation Humboldt), themselves well-known organizers and movement theorists host the conversation. For background to this conversation, see Bill’s “The Modern Tecumseh” and David D.’s convention “Reflections.”