Barack Obama, Rising Expectations, Celebrations, and 500 Years of Tears -- The Leftist Movement Must Still Follow the Policy of Organizing the People for Socialist Revolution

Chairman Shaka
Zulu, NABPP*

We must not get trapped in the hype, the historic occasion, the Black face in a high place of the capitalist imperialist system -- especially since this trick of pacifying the masses of the people has been used quite consistently by the Empire and its lackeys across the world in the past to re-legitimize systems of tyranny and oppression and racism, i.e., FDR and his New Deal concessions of the 1930s and Nelson Mandela of South Afrika.

Barack Obama emerged as the political leader of the U.S. ruling class at a time when the country and world have become deeply alienated with the Neo-Conservative policies of the Bush Administration. But a change of tactics from Neo-Conservative warmongering to Neo-Liberal warmongering merely means that the people are being asked to pick their own poison.

Capitalist imperialism cannot change its nature. It must continue to develop new markets to sell cheap commodities and new land to unearth for raw materials to shape and form these commodities. It must continue to privatize profit but socialize misery and exploitation in order to survive. This is the essence of the beast we confront, and no amount of hope we place in Barack Obama can change this reality.

The various conflicts across the world stem directly from the reactionary drive of international monopoly corporativism to impose its domination on oppressed people. Wars of aggression are not wars of self-defense and justice as the Empire has convinced a small section of so-called leftist academics and activists. Either one is for Proletarian Internationalism, socialism and planned economics, or one is for "My country 'tis of thee" and all of its oppression, exploitation and misery. There is only one fight that should be on the mind of the Leftist partisan -- the class struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, the oppressed and the oppressor, the exploiter and the exploited.

So after the dancing in the streets, after the tears of joy from people who never thought they would live to witness a Black face in the highest office in the land, we are still confronted with capitalist contradictions that 45 million people have no form of medical care; that every night 33 million people are living on Amerikkka’s benches and cardboard boxes; that 40 million people go hungry every day; that 2.3 million people are in prison; that unemployment is steadily rising while corporate bosses take home millions of dollars in salary; that Amerikkka continues to be the Chief of the International Organization of Thieves; that various oppressed nations still exist in the country; that many people across the world will continue to live on $2 a day; that 3 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water; that future capitalist wars will occur; that the workers in this country and around the world will still be divided along reactionary nationalist lines; that the World Bank and IMF will continue to deepen the debt of Under Developed Nations (UDNs); that oppressed people will still need to be organized to emancipate themselves from this decadent, rapacious system of greed, individualism, exploitation and brutal State repression.

While we must tactically push Barack Obama to move beyond rhetoric and promises to actual implementation of his promises, we must see our action simply as organizing to hasten the day for socialist revolution to rid ourselves once and for all of this racist vampire system of capitalistic imperialism.

Reform is not making socialist revolution -- actually it serves to give the Empire another "extended reprieve." We must work tirelessly to unleash the conscious activism of the people and build base areas of people’s power politically, socially, and economically. Hastening the process of organization of the people while preparing for a proletarian war of liberation. That should be the task of the Leftist partisan. Organize! Organize! Organize!

All Power to the People! Panther Love! The Future Belongs to the Socialist Worker! Dare to Struggle-Dare to Win!

*New Afrikan Black Panther Party

Shaka Zulu, #244128 NSP PO Box 2300 168 Frontage Rd. Newark, NJ 07114